How Did I Choose My Niche Keyword- Niche Site Tutorial

Niche keyword selection is the core of your entire niche-site-money-making project which someone would argue about how the SEO tricks especially for backlink building rule the game of ranking on Google. The fact is you can easily hit the first spot on the SERPs with the right keyword even though there is no or just a few backlinks, on the basis of which, combining with high conversion rate, you would be counting your money. That is the charm of niche keyword and also the reason why people are in hot pursuit of them.

 I have laid out my intention over and over again that I am so inclined to get my first niche site up and running via free site building platforms and keyword research tools. If it works as I expected, then I would take further steps to sweeten my pot.

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How Did I Build My First Testing Niche Site For Free

I have been stressed out these days as I have to strike a balance between my job and my own career. The reason why I didn’t choose to quit my day job and jump at the on line business is because I am not one hundred percent sure about how far I can go in this making-money-online project even I kept pumping myself up with the bright future.

As the main purpose of this site is to share my experiences and tricks to reap passive income on the internet, it is time to reveal my schedule of earning extra money on line. Actually there are plenty of ways to achieve that and I am going to settle for niche site building which is one of the most popular methods to rake in dollars for webmasters.

What Is A Niche Keyword And Site?

A specific keyword has a lower search volume (not less than 1000/month) but high conversion rate and a niche site is created to focus exceptionally on that phrase. It could be a site with only a few pages. Take the “best pressure cooker” as example, the search rate for this phrase analyzed by Google Adwords is 1900/month locally which makes it a good one to roll money in. The one who queried about this phrased probably are gathering information about pressure cooker and looking forward to buy one. If your site hit the No.1 position in SERPs with proper SEO strategies and put up informative and persuasive reviews, you will count your money soon.. That is the beauty of niche!
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How To Get Your Site Indexed By Google As Fast As Possible

It seems that I have get all of my hardware work done (wordpress site building and security)at this point and now what is the next step? I am pretty sure that recording what you are interested or what you have been doing is definitely not what you have been looking forward to, we are expecting visitors to find our sites and communicate with us. Then what is the best way for any reader from all over the world to catch you over the same topic that they take interest in? Google! Ok, before we dig into the giant question of how to get your site rank higher in Google SERPs, let’s first deal with the basics of how to get your site indexed by Google as quickly as you can.

How Does Google Search Engine Work ?

To put it simply, it takes about three moves for Google to bring you the targeted pages after you type in your search term: crawling indexing and query processing. As a matter of fact the first two steps have been completed and repeated to keep update ahead of the search activity.
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WordPress Security Guide- How To Keep Hackers Away From Your Site

If you still indulge yourself in the exhilaration of building your first wordpress website and get a little bit carried away by the tiny progress, now it is high time to calm down and deal with thorny problem about WordPress security which probably could make your whole efforts go down the drain. So we have to take some preventive measures before your site fell into the victims.

As one of the most reputed CMS platforms on the internet, WordPress has been downloaded and applied by hundreds of thousands users in the world which make it more attractive and vulnerable to those hackers who brazenly intrude your site and wreak havoc. For our common site owners there are some procedures we need to take to protect our wordpress site from catastrophe in the first place other than go crazy for ways to fix your hacked site.

Here I am rolling out an ultimate list of measures that can prevent your wordpress site from being attacked by potential dangers and most of them have been employed on this site by myself.

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How To Set Up Your WordPress Site-Step By Step Tutorial Part 2

In my last post I have unveiled the detailed procedures of how to get your site constructed on the platform of wordpress which is also exactly what I have done to putll out this site. In this part2, I am going to drop a clue on how to arrange the basic settings to get your site up and running.

1. Activate your customized theme

After you download and unzip a template, put the file in folder WP-content/themes, then go to your admin-appearance-theme, then choose the theme you targeted, click the Activate. As we have touched the topic of theme, I can’t help dipping into those matters that deserve your attention:

  • Don’t never download free template from unconfirmed resources unless you are 100% sure about security. You could have threw your wordpress site into hands of hackers as you can never tell whether the theme comes with malicious virus that trying to hack into your core files in order to steal your information or manipulate your site. I only download template from WordPress official site as all the codes have been inspected personally by WordPress to assure the security.

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How To Build A Website Via WordPress – Step By Step Tutorial Part 1

Before I get down to this topic, I would like to make it clear that this post is for those rookies who happened to know nothing or just a little about how to set up a site on the platform of wordpress. As I have suggested on my first post that you’d better understand some basics of HTML and CSS to polish up your site design if you set your mind on building an online business other than just a blog for fun. And now I am going to reveal all the details about how did I establish my first blog on WordPress and furnish my blog according to my desire on the foundation of a free template.
Step 1: Download the latest version of WordPress and Unzip it to your local files: I located it on my drive E
This is a no-sweat but exciting part, for me I thought I just turned over a new leaf in my life so I guess most of you guys would share the same feeling as me!
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How do I get started to build my site as a beginner!

It has been a long time since I made up my mind to start my own blog especially for topics about making money on line as well as SEO (an essential technique you have to master to rake in passive income on the internet). But there are a lot of stuff I need to deliberate on and prepare before I take the final action and I have to say that there got to be a lot of pain and torturing on the road to success (it is totally worthy as long as you stick to it to the end and see the real money). So in this blog I am going to share everything either the tips or tricks for earning money on line or the difficulties and failures that lying ahead with those who have the same passion and still grope for the door to success. This is my first post on this blog and probably the first in my life (LOL), so I am going to focus more on the overall idea of what could you do with a website and how to drive cash into your pocket.

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