How do I get started to build my site as a beginner!

It has been a long time since I made up my mind to start my own blog especially for topics about making money on line as well as SEO (an essential technique you have to master to rake in passive income on the internet). But there are a lot of stuff I need to deliberate on and prepare before I take the final action and I have to say that there got to be a lot of pain and torturing on the road to success (it is totally worthy as long as you stick to it to the end and see the real money). So in this blog I am going to share everything either the tips or tricks for earning money on line or the difficulties and failures that lying ahead with those who have the same passion and still grope for the door to success. This is my first post on this blog and probably the first in my life (LOL), so I am going to focus more on the overall idea of what could you do with a website and how to drive cash into your pocket.

Before I get down to the business, I would like to make it clear that I am not a guru or expert in the SEO field at least for now, but I have been doing research on line and set up several free blogs over the past year( blogger and wordpress allow you to build a site for free, but unfortunately my 4 sites on wordpress were shut down with no reason, I wrote several emails to wordpress and get nothing, no big deal, they are free I was just testing and you could use them to build backlinks which I will talk later) and even it is just a get–off-the-mark thing at the moment, I am still excited and do believe that my blog would shed more lights on how to make money on the basis of combining site building and optimizing which if done in the right form would rank you #1 on Google and bring you enormous passive income.

Why bother to build a site?

Nowadays it is common to start a personal website by your own, someone would like to create a blog to share their story and good experiences with others, but isn’t it a surprise if your blog could bring you extra money by just writing quality articles? No doubt! If you search “make money online” you will see tons of thousands of articles out there illuminating how to roll in easy money, the most discussed topic would be building micro niche site with targeted keywords that send the site to the top of Google search results. For me the reason to build a site:

  • Easy start with low cost

The only thing you need to pay for is a good web hosting as I would recommend bluehost ,godaddy or hostgator just name a few. I choose bluehost for this blog as I can see good feedback on the internet.

  • Easy to maintain and have fun

When your site is set up, you can wrote whatever you want, your hobby, your opinion, your life, what you need to do is to pull out a few articles on a regular basis which would be a breeze if you the topic is in your interest. Keep In your mind that once you kick a start, go all out, leave your site idle will get you nowhere.

  • Better communication

There could be a lot of guys out there holding the same interest as you, it works as a bridge to bind these people together and form kind of a community that would be of great help when it comes to link building which plays a big role in the SEO strategy.

  • Making Money

Best part! This is the main reason why certain people would be willing to quit their day job and throw themselves in front of a computer. When you put down high quality content and drive high volume traffic to your site, then you have a potential to make money out of your site either by affiliating or Google Adsense (many other method will be revealed in my other posts). As a matter of fact, I would not suggest you to jump at that until you lay a solid foundation and for me, it sounds more reasonable to get your site going and learn your lessons from solving problem.

Build a site on your own or outsource to pro?

I strongly recommend that you construct your site by yourself.

  • A lot of open sources you can use:

WordPress  (wordpress is one of the most popular one which is easy to set up and modify later to meet your demand.)


  • Keep your starting cost low

It would cost you extra money if you reach for others to build a site for you. At the beginning I prefer to keep the fee as low as possible.

  • The more you master, the stronger you become

I always consider the learning as the best tool to improve myself, curiosity and problems are momentum to push you forward. You need to get a hang of basic site-building skills which you will find useful in your later work!

  • What basic knowledge required?

1.    HTML/CSS
2.    PHP ( my preference)
3.    Local host test ( for test your site on your local host)
4.    SEO strategy
Get your site to rank high on Google and attract traffic, first you need to know how Google works and fundamental conceptions and rules, I will explain step by step in later post.
You don’t have to rack your brains trying to know the deep end, just lay your hands on basic meaning of programming language then it would be easier for you to customize functions or theme on your site. This part could be depressing, but from my experiences (I know nothing about programming at the initial stage) you would learn the tricks soon as long as you take it serious and invest some time on that. For the third point, I could have get mocked, but the truth is I happened to know that I can test my site on the local host and I will talk more about that when I share my bitter story of building an ecommerce shop.

What kind of site should I aim at?
Basically they all fall into 3 categories:
1.    Niche site
Sites that emphasize on several low competitive keywords and could shoot its rank in a short time with proper backlink building tricks. I will do some case study to help you understand.
2.    Ecommerce site
Sites that you create to sell products on line, if you have good supplier and  can make your site appear on the first page for certain keywords of your products then no sweat for sales.
3.    Blog
Whenever you search on Google about special topic you would always find a lot of great blogs sharing precious perspectives which you could utilize to strengthen yourself. On my resource page and in other posts I will show you what other fantastic blogs I have been following. The beauty of blog is that you will drive a lot of traffic to your site as long as you can offer useful information, it takes time to build trust and authority, however when you are well received by others, you can also my money by affiliate links or related companies would reach for you to post ads on your site and pay you.

What is next when my site is up and running?

Excited about the operation of your first site? It is ok to give yourself a pat but never get carried away. You still have a long way to go! List of things need to be done:

1.    On-page SEO

For WordPress, install the Yoast SEO pack that allow you to add meta tags such as title, description which would make it easier for search engine to know what exactly your page is about!

2.    Security settings

You need to do some backup and change a few files to prevent the disaster from happening in case your site is hacked.

3.    Content creating

Content is king! On one hand you’d better post new articles regularly as Google spider takes a liking to updating, on the other hand you should keep your contents to the point and informative which would meet the request both from the reader and search engine. However for different kind of site, strategy verifies. For example, if you go for niche site, there are some fabulous tools out there to help you scrape article and spin it into a bunch of articles you can use on various sites without being penalized by Google for copying! For your own blog I suggest you provide unique and creative content to win the hearts of readers and Google.
4.    Backlink building
This is the most important and difficult section in SEO and after you grab the basic rules of Google algorithm you will understand why it carries a lot of weight in your SEO techniques. To put it simply, one backlink is like one vote to your site, but one high quality backlink would beat one thousand spamming backlinks. We have seen a series of Google algorithm update aiming at web spamming over the past several years, so don’t try to fool Google and concentrate on building high quality backlinks other than wasting your time and money on spamming which could bring you advantages in a short term! Have a vision and go for sustainable and reliable tactics.

Final thoughts

As the first post of my blog, I would not be able to focus on one subject to the finest detail and I am trying to paint a whole picture for beginners. I don’t expect high volume visitors at the early phase due to the large number of authority sites offering similar information and some of them have already won thousands of loyal audience which makes it really difficult to outrank them. But difficulty doesn’t mean impossibility. There is no site that is built and popularized in one day, time and efforts finally will get you somewhere. That is also why I did the research, made a plan and now put all my thoughts into action. In this blog I would like to make public all the problems I could face, all the skills I will apply, all the resources I might employ in order to guide those who are interested but new in this realm and I prefer to cut down on the spending as less as possible. Actually many professional bloggers tend to highly recommend some gorgeous paid tools (proved by many users), first I have to admit the importance of software (improve efficiency and save time) but there are a bunch of free tools we can make use of and I am inclined to set a rational pace and hatch up a plan then manage it step by step. Never rush to invest before you totally understand what you are doing and in my next post I will expose my plan and you will see how I run my scheme in an almost free mode .( except for fees for Hosting and Domain)

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    I truly love your blog.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my own personal blog and would love to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Cheers!

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